Brand New Classes Being Offered!

If you would like for us to start teaching chess at any particular school, please email your interest to

We run before-school and after-school programs with great experienced chess teachers, and we have hired several more during this Summer.

We service so many schools in Northern VA, (public and private) many with multiple classes, and we specialize in Elementary Schools.

The Academy offers programs that include both professional teaching of the game to children, in a way that will help them appreciate the art, strategy, tactics, and joy of the game; combined with casual supervised play, and chess club “ladder” play for older or more experienced students.

We also offer admin services to schools related to our chess programs, managing:  Program Registration, Payments, Advertising, Forms, Correspondence with parents, etc.



The Kasparov Foundation shows many studies correlating learning and playing chess with other academic and life achievement skills for students.

You can see a list of these studies at this link:

Let us know how we can help the children of your school get sharper minds!