Here are some of the recommended websites for chess parents and scholastic players:

Recommended Websites for Chess Parents and Scholastic Players United States Chess Federation.  Publisher of “Chess Life” and “Chess Life for Kids” magazines.  The governing body of chess in the U.S.  In order to play in some scholastic events, it may be necessary to be a member. A great safe place for kids, parents and coaches to get more out of chess, it’s motto is “play, learn and enjoy”, with lots of training tools. The foremost European chess magazine Virginia Chess Federation.  Publisher of the “Virginia Chess Newsletter.” Lists tournaments and chess activities in the VA/MD/DC area. A chess game database, (3.5 million games of players of all strengths) that students can use to look up openings that have been played before and match up their games to them and learn from them. Still the cheapest online site for most chess equipment Another wholesale priced chess store An online chess store featuring chess software, but check the wholesale sights first. The internet chess club Great for those who want to learn about the history of chess A pan-African chess website full of much helpful information, good chess instruction for all levels of players. A great way to learn chess for audio and visual learners (geared to more advanced students). A fun website with everything about chess A great place to look up local chess tournaments and find out about local scholastic chess activities, and chess achievements of local players.  I really couldn’t leave this one out now could I? The US Chess Center is located in DC and offers many youth activities.  The Center also has an equipment store on the premises.  Please check their website for hours of operation.


Recommended Chess Book List for Scholastic Players and Parents


Topic Title Author Generally Appropriate for
Rules & Picture Books 101 Questions on how to play chess Wilson, Fred Young Beginner
How to Play chess Wicker, Kevin Young Beginner
How to beat your dad at chess Chandler, Murray Young Beginner
Playing Chess:  Step by Step Lane, Gary Young Beginner
Start Playing chess Katz, Rosalyn Young Beginner
Beginning chess Pandolfini, Bruce Young Beginner
The ABCs of Chess Pandolfini, Bruce Young Beginner
Chess Basics Short, Nigel Young Beginner
The Kids Book of chess Kidder, Harvey Young Beginner
Learn Chess Quick Byfield & Orpin Young Beginner
Everything Chess Basics Book U.S. Chess Federation Young Beginner
Teaching Step By Step, Book 3:  Activities Tamburro, Peter Young Beginner
General Chess Text Books USCF Official Rules of Chess USCF Parents
Pandolfinis Ultimate guide to chess Pandolfini, Bruce Intermediate
Pandlfinis’ Chess Complete Pandolfini, Bruce Intermediate
Chess College vol. 1 Strategy Grivas, Efstratios Advanced
Chess College Vol. 2 Pawn Play Grivas, Efstratios Advanced
Chess College Vol. 3 Technique Grivas, Efstratios Advanced
Play Winning Chess Seirawan, Yasser Intermediate
Weapons of Chess Pandolfini, Bruce Intermediate
7 Steps to Better Chess Schiller, Eric Advanced
Square One Pandolfini, Bruce Beginner
Teaching Chess Step by Step, Book One Khmelnitsky & Khodarkovsky Beginner
Encyclopedia of Chess wisdom Schiller, Eric Intermediate
Winning chess Strategies Seirawan, Yasser Intermediate
Mastering Chess, A course in 21 Lessons Kopec, Daniel Advanced
The Most Valuable Skills in Chess Ashley, Maurice Intermediate
Openings Improve Your Opening Play Ward, Chris Intermediate
Winning in the Opening Walker, John Advanced
The Idiots’ Guide to Chess Opening Aramil, William Beginners
Game Collections Quick Chess Knock outs Hodgson, Julian Intermediate
Learn From Garry Kasparov’s Greatest Games Eric Schiller Advanced
Learn From Bobby Fischers’ Greatest Games Eric Schiller Advanced
Coaching Books for Parents Chess Words of Wisdom Henebry, Mike Parents
Best Lessons of a Chess Coach Weeramantry, Sunil Parents
Survival Guide to Competitive Chess Emms, John Parents
Teaching Chess in the 21st Century Bardwick, Todd Parents
The Chess Instructor Bosch & Giddins Parents
Rules of Winning Chess Davies, Nigel Parents
Portable Chess Coach Shipman, Judy Parents
Everyones 2nd Chess book Heisman, Dan Parents
The Improving Chess Thinker Heisman, Dan Parents
Books on Calculation The Improving Annotator from Beginner to Master Heisman, Dan Advanced
Logical Chess Move by Move Chernev, Irving Intermediate
Excelling at Chess Calculation Aagard, Jacob Advanced
Books on Chess Endings Chess Endings, Essential Knowledge Averbakh, Yuri Intermediate
Basic Endgame Strategy, Queens and Rooks Robertie, Bill Intermediate
Basic Endgame Strategy, Kings, Pawns and Minor Pieces Robertie, Bill Intermediate
Improve your endgame play Flear, Glenn Advanced
Pandolfinis’ Endgame Course Pandolfini, Bruce Beginner
Endgame Workshop Principles for the Practical Player Pandolfini, Bruce Advanced
Practical Endgame Play Grivas, Efstratios Advanced
Books on Tactics Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess Fischer, Margulies, et al Beginner
Bobby Fischers’ Outrageous Chess Moves Pandolfini, Bruce All Levels
Back to Basics:  Tactics Heisman, Dan Advanced
Looking for Trouble Heisman, Dan Advanced
Winning Chess Tactics Seirawan, Yasser Intermediate
Checkmate for Children Stark, Kevin Beginners
The King in Jeopardy Alburt, Lev Advanced
The Chess Kids Book of Tactics MacEnulty, David Beginners
Winning Chess Strategy for Kids Coakley, Jeff Intermediate
Winning Chess Exercises for Kids Coakley, Jeff Intermediate
Chess Tactics for Scholastic Players Ippolito, Dean Intermediate
Puzzle and Problem Chess Books Pandolfinis’ Chess Challenge Pandolfini, Bruce Beginner
More Chessercizes:  Checkmate! Pandolfini, Bruce Intermediate
Win at Chess Reinfeld, Fred Advanced
Winning at chess, Volume 4 Gilliam, AJ Intermediate
Practical Chess Exercises Cheng, Raymond Intermediate
Teaching Chess, Step By Step:  Book 2 Khmelnitsky & Khodarkovsky Beginner
Chess Training Pocket Book Vol.1 and Vol. 2 Alburt, Lev Advanced
Mensa guide to chess Hochberg, Burt Advanced
The Tao of Chess Kurzdorfer, Peter Advanced